1. Contact NanoJtech: Email ( or Phone (713) 348-6246.

2. Send NanoJtech (email preferred) a non-enabling abstract of the technology to ensure that we have no conflict with the technology assessment that we are being asked to perform, and so that we can determine whether we have the expertise for the assessment. This evaluation will generally be done within about two business days. A non-enabling abstract is a brief outline of the technology, generally one to two paragraphs, with no specific information regarding the details of how to reduce the topic material to practice. No specific client name or details are even required at this stage.

3. If we agree to evaluate the technology, we will sign the NanoJtech’s joint Non-Disclosure Agreement ensuring confidentiality to the client, and this will be followed by signing of an Order Agreement with NanoJtech.

4. Payment of one half of the total evaluation fee to NanoJtech Consultants using check, money order, wire transfer (call for details) or credit card is required upon signing the Order Agreement.

5. A technology opinion will be delivered to the client. NanoJtech will use the information provided by the client; therefore, the more information supplied by the client, the better informed will be the opinion.

6. NanoJtech Consultants will deliver the final report to the client via phone, Express Mail or Federal Express, depending on the opinion type (See Fees for the differing opinion types), and upon receipt of the report the client must pay the balance of the evaluation fee. NanoJtech Consultants remain available to the client for 30 days for the phone conversations regarding the technology assessment.

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