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There are many factors that need to be considered before investing in a start-up company. Investors often have difficulty with the initial technology assessment phase. Therefore, before investing $250,000 or more in a start-up company where you have trouble discerning the details of the technology, consider NanoJtech Consultants. NanoJtech will evaluate the prospective investments, thereby rendering an opinion from the technical perspective by considering aspects such as the feasibility of the technology, the soundness of the underlying science or engineering, whether the projected timeline to product generation seems feasible, the expertise of the technology leaders and whether the projected costs for product generation appear sensible. The evaluations will be provided by NanoJtech Consultants under Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and Order Agreement with our clients so that the confidentiality of our client, our client’s potential investment and the technology are maintained.

Secondly, NanoJtech Consultants can render an opinion of overlap or potential conflicts regarding competing or conflicting nanotechnologies disclosed in patents.

All evaluations are the opinion of NanoJtech Consultants, LLC, and are based on 20-years of nanotechnology experience of the Principal or over 100-combined years of nanotechnology experience of the Evaluation Team.


The topics evaluated by NanoJtech are nanotechnology-related and include chemical, catalytic, synthesis, energy, alternative/green energies, carbon nanotube, materials, photonics and electronics evaluations.

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